Dharma Veranstaltungen 05.05. – Ende August 2018 im Jigme Kunsang Ling


04.-06.May 2018

 Khenpo Karma Wangyel ( Yeshe Khorlo )

Guru Heart practice Ocean of Juwels  Initiation und teaching







26.May – 31.05.2018    Dzogchen Retreat

Adzom Jurmey Gyamtso Rinpoche   –  Patron of Jigme Kunsang Ling

Resting in the nature of mind – part 4 

Sem Nyid Ngal So – Text of  Long Chenpa













17.-23. JULY 2018    Dzogchen Retreat

Three words of Garab Dorje – part 2

Sangnag Tenzin Rinpoche – Patron of Jigme Kunsang Ling  










 Estimated during the second half of August 2018

Chhimed Gyaltsen Rinpoche  Head of Khordong Monestery in Tibet ( of Chimed Rigdzin )

Kunzang Gompa Tsangtal     Transmission and teaching









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