Erdbeben in Kathmandu – Worte unseres Lehrers Sangngag Tenzin Rinpoche

Erdbeben in Kathmandu

Worte unseres Lehrers Sangngag Tenzin Rinpoche

Sangngak Tenzin Rinpoche’s Note for you all.

Dear Vajra kins and Friends,

Our whole family, sangha and Sherpa Colony members are safe. But the all of Nepal has been hit by an earthquake and we are experiencing frequent aftershocks. Though our community is alive, out of great fear of frequent shakes, they are forced to camp out which will result in need of fooding, water supplies, medical treatment and alleviating    mental torture.
Concerning this, the Nyingmapa Rigzin Thrinley lhundrupling Dharma Center in Nepal along with Alex /Jigme Kunzang and Kirsten / Jigme Dolma from Jigme Dzogchenling in New York and with genuine volunteers from the Sherpa Colony, we have initiated an emergency relief along with prayers for those who have perished all on the very second day of this crisis. In this hard time even your small help with great motivation amass great merits. Please Join us establishing this relief fund raising campaign initiated by Alex and Kirsten donating with great love and compassion. We are motivated to help in the greater extent and together we can make a great difference through relieving physical and mental sufferings of survivors. Thank you for your great aspiration prayers for all beings here. It has been a great help.
with love,
Sangngak Tenzin.

If you wish to donate you can follow this link here


Earthquake in Himalaya Region

On the second day of earthquake in Nepal, helping out the people with foods,drinks & clothes through the support of Jigme Dzogchen New-York, Nepal Dharma centre &Sherpa colony.

Herzliche Grüße !

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